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What will Brexit mean for UK tech startups?

What will Brexit mean for UK tech startups?

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UK’s tech entrepreneurs remain concerned over Brexit despite the government’s recent investment guaranteed on the Spring Budget. Talent access Jack*, a london-based tech entrepreneur, said that he is to launch a startup company, but is concerned over Brexit. He told Westminster World that he fears the hiring cost of his business would spiral because of a “hard Brexit deal”. The 29-year-old will create a digital publishing platform where consumers could be engaged by various visual content. He said: “Especially for digital startups, their employees have never had to think about residential opportunities here, whether they need visa or not. Even if Brexit is not here yet, for many of them it would make no sense to take jobs in the UK if after a year they will have to apply for certain
Apps provide solution to gender gap in the workplace

Apps provide solution to gender gap in the workplace

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We’ve all heard about the gender divide in the workplace, ‘the glass ceiling’ and the fact there are not enough women in the boardroom. But it’s time to move the conversation forward and provide solutions in a digital sphere where both men and women can participate. There are countless self-help articles and books on how to ‘disconnect from the internet’, cope with email anxiety and successfully create an online presence. Clearly there is a disjointment here, where the question is to consume, or to be eventually consumed by the digital sphere. “Data shows that digital not only changed how we shop, how we commercially engage with each other, how we interact, it’s fundamentally changing the world that we work in,” says Kathleen Mitchell, Vice President of fashion retail brand, Stel

Nigerian Delivery Service among top start-ups at the Annual TechCrunch Disrupt Conference

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This year, an African Start-up is competing for the first time in Disrupt TechCrunch history and is ready to go head to head with Europe’s crème de la crème of technology developments. The TechCrunch Disrupt conference was all abuzz at the Copper Box Arena in Olympic Park. Tech gurus and nerds alike had gathered around to see what is new this year in the technology world and to scope out the start-ups battling it out on the Start-up Battlefield for the top prize of €30,000 and a shiny new disrupt trophy. The conference is held every year in different cities in the world. This year London is a proud host to the innovative event and it is about time as most start-ups that compete at Disrupt TechCrunch hail from right here in London and various cities in Europe like Germany, France and Th

Could high-tech save money on water?

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Water is expensive in the UK, and the government is crafting measures to reduce its cost. In the meantime, a startup from the Netherlands came to the UK to present potentially economic way of showering.  The UK government announced last week as a way of saving money, that British consumers may choose among different water suppliers in coming years. While the regulator, Ofwat, is due to examine Chancellor George Osboune’s idea in 2016, Westminster World took a look at an alternative way of making the energy bills shorter. “This wellness machine and uses 80% less energy”, says director of Hamwells Rob Choimpff pointing at a standing shower next to him. This shower saves water by recirculating it. Indeed, there are no pipes leading to it – the machine stands in the middle of a hall