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Charity fears homeless women suffer from NHS cuts

Charity fears homeless women suffer from NHS cuts

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Hospitals, surgeries and shelters are not providing sanitary products for homeless people, despite the huge mobilisation for low income women’s right in the last few years. Women’s services manager for the charity Spires, Pamela Mhlophe, is concerned about the current situation: “In this moment, with NHS cutting down on many services, I don’t think they will tackle this problem too,“ she said to Westminster World. ”Private citizens and companies are helping through donations, but it should be a public issue.” Homeless women are used to living a dangerous life, full of risks, but it becomes much more difficult when they have their period. Besides finding food, a job and a place to stay, they have to look for a private toilet to wash themselves and, most importantly, find access to s

Boris Johnson defends Google

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Google is due to pay £130m extra in a decade’s worth of back taxes to the UK. The Mayor of London, however, defended Google in his column for the Daily Telegraph on Monday. Johnson claimed that it is the manager’s job to pay as little tax as possible within the law. He wrote: “It is absurd to blame the company for ‘not paying their taxes’. You might as well blame a shark for eating seals. It is the nature of the beast; and not only is it the nature of the beast – it is the law it is the fiduciary duty of their finance directors to minimize tax exposure.” The Mayor of London further explained that the companies have legal obligations to their shareholders, not to public opinion or to politicians. Boris Johnson is a known advocate of the tech sector. He recently launched a cam