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UK Storms: Damage costs reduce as storms become more prevalent

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The UK has suffered many storms in past years but the cost of damage has drastically reduced in the past two years thanks to technological advancement and better preparations carried out. Storm Desmond is currently underway and disrupting most part of the UK with winds, torrential rains and flooding. Reports coming in state that schools, hospitals and travel methods have been disrupted by the storm already. BBC reports that Cumbria has made a new record on the amount of rainfall had in a day. The Storms have become more in number in recent years, Britain has already experienced three in the past month of November alone. Logically that may mean more damage caused, but the costs of general damages has gone down significantly compared with storms in the past decade. As you can te...
Elderly should “prepare for the worst” in current weather crisis

Elderly should “prepare for the worst” in current weather crisis

 The elderly should wrap up, stay warm and prepare for the unexpected, Malcolm Booth, CEO of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (NFOP) told Westminster World.  Almost 44,000 ‘excess winter deaths’ occurred across England and Wales in 2014/15 according to statistics released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). ‘Excess winter deaths’, a term adopted by the ONS, are the number of people whose deaths are registered between December and March. An unprecedented 27% more people are dying during the winter months compared to the rest of the year. The majority of deaths occurred among people over the age of 75. The Age UK has launched their Spread the Warmth UK. According to the Age UK, each winter one older person dies every 7 minutes from the cold. At the root of
Flood victims relying on charities for immediate financial help

Flood victims relying on charities for immediate financial help

Local authorities and central government are falling short on immediate financial support to assist those affected by the floods in Cumbria. The Cumbria Community Foundation has highlighted the need for an immediate injection of cash for flood victims, to purchase basic items such as clothing, food and fresh water. Cumbria is the UK's worst-affected county after Storm Desmond hit on Saturday. The Foundation has started it's own flood appeal to raise £1 million for those affected by the floods; it expects to hit the £300,000 mark by the end of the day. Speaking exclusively to Westminster World, Communications Officer for the Cumbria Community Foundation, Annalee Holliday, said she believes they are currently the only source of immediate financial help, and highlighted what the fund

A quarter of a million raised in two days for Cumbria flood victims

  Screen shot of fundraiser page showing funds raised by 1pm Monday.   Over a quarter of a million pounds has been raised in forty-eight hours by the Cumbria Community Foundation to help recent flood victims in the county. According to the foundation's website, a one million pound campaign was launched Saturday, to support communities pounded by Storm Desmond which brought record levels of rainfall to the North of England and Scotland. By 10am Monday, the foundation’s website showed the donation counter had reached two hundred and ninty-five thousand pounds, 30% of the targeted one million pounds. Annalee Holliday, Communications Officer for the Cumbria Community Foundation told Westminster news that she expected the fund to reach 300 thousand pounds by the end of da