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6000 people rallied against Trident. Corbyn: “We are the majority.”

6000 people rallied against Trident. Corbyn: “We are the majority.”

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Thousands of people gathered and rallied to oppose the renewal of Trident in Central London on Saturday. More than 6000 demonstrators, according to both the Met Police and the organisers, took the streets to join the Stop Trident National Demo. People came from all over the UK, with many buses arriving from Scotland. The protest was led by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Stop the War Coalition and other groups supporting refugees, NHS, social housing and climate change. The march started from Marble Arch at 1 pm and ended in Trafalgar Square. Numerous front rank politicians joined the rally, among which Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, Leanne Wood, the leader of the Welsh party Plaid Cymru, Caroline Lucas, a Green Party's MP and the MPs against the Trid...

Hundreds of placards left unused – signifies poor turnout at the ‘Stop the War coalition’

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They say a ‘Picture is worth a thousand words’. This saying became reality during the recent ‘Stop bombing Syria’ demonstration as thousands expressed their feelings using images displayed on their homemade placards and those provided by the organiser. The demonstration was organised by the Stop the War Coalition after a week of backlash from politicians and some of the press. This comes after the government voted to support airstrikes to bomb Syria against the Islamic State Terrorist group - ISIS. The number of people that showed up at this rally was significantly less than those who showed up for the movement's last largest demonstration on the 15th of February 2003. The protest was against the invasion of Iraq and had an estimate of over 1 million people in attendance accordi