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Youth feel uninspired to join anti-war rally

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Two days before hundreds of people gathered in Portland Place outside the BBC headquarters to protest UK airstrikes from bombing Syria, Helen Pattison, 24, had already managed to convince a handful of friends to join the march. She had spent hours campaigning at schools in East London - hoping to draw in a large number of people for the “Stop Bombing Syria” protest organised by the Stop the War Coalition movement. She was also campaigning for students to be more aware and involved in what their government was doing and to provide solutions to problems that involve human suffering. When Westminster World took to the streets of London to find out if other young people her age had attended the demonstration, most of those interviewed said no because they felt the government does not

Hundreds of placards left unused – signifies poor turnout at the ‘Stop the War coalition’

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They say a ‘Picture is worth a thousand words’. This saying became reality during the recent ‘Stop bombing Syria’ demonstration as thousands expressed their feelings using images displayed on their homemade placards and those provided by the organiser. The demonstration was organised by the Stop the War Coalition after a week of backlash from politicians and some of the press. This comes after the government voted to support airstrikes to bomb Syria against the Islamic State Terrorist group - ISIS. The number of people that showed up at this rally was significantly less than those who showed up for the movement's last largest demonstration on the 15th of February 2003. The protest was against the invasion of Iraq and had an estimate of over 1 million people in attendance accordi