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Facebook not fazed by threat of Brexit

Facebook not fazed by threat of Brexit

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Eight hundred new jobs will be created alongside the opening of the new London Facebook office in 2018. According to the BBC, by the end of next year about 2300 people will work for Facebook from the UK, making this new office the largest engineering hub outside of the United States. Julian David of techUK, which represents 950 technology firms in the UK, according to the BBC, applauded Facebook for investing in the city of London despite the uncertainties surrounding Brexit. Facebook opens its new London office and says it will add more jobs in the capital next year, underlining its commitment to Britain as the country prepares for #Brexit. — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) December 4, 2017 Several large companies and financia

How does the UK government support start-ups?

The UK government backs many schemes that promote new start-ups. Some entrepreneurs, however, have criticised current efforts and fear the upcoming referendum on Brexit. "The start-up community started to spring up in London about five years ago," Vicky Hunter, the Head of Operations and Community at 3beards, a company which organises events for aspiring entrepreneurs, told Westminster World. “People were graduating from college, and there were literally no jobs”, she recalls while chatting at the Electric Showrooms pub in Shoreditch, the area in London highly populated by start-ups. The pub is overcrowded; there is a regular gathering for start-up enthusiasts. Several years after the recession, in October 2015, London topped the list of the most entrepreneur-friendly cities in