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Snooper’s Charter: Death Knell for UK Journalists?

Snooper’s Charter: Death Knell for UK Journalists?

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The Draft Communications Data Bill, or Snooper’s Charter as it is most commonly referred to, was passed into a law last month, despite calls for it to be repealed from various groups. Proposed by Theresa May in 2012, in the wake of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations, it legitimises the same mass surveillance which Snowden’s leak had shown the UK government was guilty of. In particular, the surveillance had targeted journalists from major media organisations, placing investigative journalists on a “threat” list. The new Bill, by allowing government organisations to snoop on all internet history, cuts off the freedom of journalists to research certain topics freely, especially those not aligned with the government agenda. Snowden’s leaked documents had exposed how under PRISM, the

Snooper’s Charter deemed “disappointing” by parliamentary committee

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The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has criticised Theresa May’s draft Investigatory Powers Bill citing concern over a lack of privacy protections. The government appointed committee said the proposed digital surveillance legislation failed to provide sufficient clarity regarding the agencies’ “intrusive capabilities”. Chairman of the ISC, Dominic Grieve QC, said:“The draft Bill fails to deliver the clarity that is so badly needed in this area.” “We had expected to find universal privacy protections applied consistently throughout, or at least an overarching statement at the forefront of the legislation. Instead, the draft Bill adopts a rather piecemeal approach, which lacks clarity and undermines the importance of the safeguards associated with these powers,” he continu