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Mainstream Vegan: UK’s economy becomes greener

Mainstream Vegan: UK’s economy becomes greener

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It's official. UK lactose intolerants are cheering and hipsters are more mainstream than ever. Dairy-free milks have been added for the first time ever to the inflation basket. The results published by the Office for National Statistics included soya and almond milk to a list which the main purpose is to serve as a reference of the actual consumer trends. The Office and several analysts point out that this may have happened due to the recent growth of "free-from" diets such as Veganism. A new wave of millennials addicted to new trends and worried about their health have pushed these products up to the top of the list. Every day we see in supermarkets how new meat-free, gluten-free or dairy-free options appear on the shelves, on most occasions, at a high value. This can be explained as a
Primark sales hit by weaker pound

Primark sales hit by weaker pound

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The fast fashion chain Primark continues to grow as the store expands its branches, but it is warned the weaker pound would weigh on its margins. Photo Dark Dwarf  (CC BY-ND 2.0) Primark reveals its upbeat sales figure today and said it was maintaining its full-year earnings guidance. “Primark expects almost 13 per cent increase to be attributable to the first half of the year,” it added. Photo Mark Hodson Photos: (CC BY 2.0) The decline in the value of the pound, 16 per cent against the dollar since Brexit, is warned it would ‘eats into margins at the fashion chain’. Primark is expecting to rise 2 per cent in its first half and 11 per cent in total sales thanks to new store openings. Photo Martin Monroe ( CC BY-SA 2.0) Sub Editing: Arifa Khan

Star Wars: how businesses in the UK benefit from the premiere?

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A number of businesses in London, including a shoe manufacturer, have been gearing up for the premiere of The Force Awaken, the latest addition in the Star Wars franchise. The shoes with Yoda and Darth Vader were on display at Schuh, the footwear retailer located in central London, since September. However, UK customers, as Jordan, the salesman at Schuh, told Westminster World are buying them “rarely, despite they are so cool”. Their number is limited, the offer is almost unique, because only two other shops in London sell these shoes, but the price is £209. Jamie Swan, the manager at Irregular Choice, the designer's shop selling these models, said that different people, both young and old, female and male, have actually been buying them, especially close to the premiere. “So

Online retail stores perform better this Christmas season

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Experts are predicting that Christmas sales will grow by 18.4 per cent across Europe this year but that’s because online shopping is becoming popular. Last year a number of retailers found themselves stranded and having difficulties to control the amount of traffic to their websites. Experian, a leading global informative providing data and analytical service to companies and clients around the world said shoppers are expected to rank in more items this years compared to last year as most retailers are now better prepared. The agency says Christmas spending in the UK this years is predicted to rank in more for the economy with online retailers in the UK expected to see Christmas sales grow by 16.9 per cent. The total online sales for the year set to reach £52.25 bn accounting for