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Fireman to firefighter: LFB combats discrimination in anti-sexism campaign

Fireman to firefighter: LFB combats discrimination in anti-sexism campaign

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The London Fire Brigade (LFB) launched this month a new anti-sexism campaign called #FirefightingSexism, which promotes the switch from the masculine 'fireman' label to the gender neutral 'firefighter' when referring to the profession. The campaign, which already gained significant traction on social media, aims to eradicate stereotypes that firefighting is exclusive to men. The LFB cited internal research that revealed there are still women put off by the job because of the label and its masculine portrayal in the media. Dany Cotton, the first female Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, is spearheading the drive toward a more diverse LFB. “One thing for me that I still find really upsetting is the fact that lots of people still use the word ‘fireman’,” said Cotton on BBC Radio 4’

Female teachers in London are being encouraged to return to work after pregnancy to reduce teachers’ shortage crisis

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As the UK is facing an acute teachers shortage, the government is taking a new initiative to tackle this issue by launching a job website for female teachers, to help them find work post pregnancy. “It’s common for female teachers to quit school after giving birth,” says Seema Sriram, 41, a teacher at Heston Primary School in Hounslow. She is one among the few women who returned to teaching after giving birth to twins. The government will soon start a job sharing website that is meant to encourage female teachers to return to work after their pregnancy. The aim of this website is to solve England’s teaching shortage crisis and simultaneously ensure that female teachers resume their work, after becoming new mothers. Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, also plans to launc