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NHS England patients to receive HIV preventive drug in clinical trial

NHS England patients to receive HIV preventive drug in clinical trial

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NHS England will provide a new HIV preventive drug to its high-risk patients. A drug is proven to be 86 per cent effective in cutting the risk of being HIV infected, according to a recent study published in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. At least 10,000 people at high risk will be given the PrEP drug for a period of three years. The decision comes less than a month after a High Court ruling that NHS could provide the drug. The health service fought in court that funding something preventative rather than treatment should fall to local authorities and not the NHS.  However, the National Aids Trust charity challenged its proposal and won the case. The drug has the “potential to have a transformative impact for thousands of people,” according to the Tr

TechCrunch announced the competitors for the Startup Battlefield in London

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On December 7, TechCrunch named the startups that will compete for £30,000 at the Startup Battlefield in London. This conference is held every year in several cities across the world, and this week it is hosted in London. Except for money, this award gives the startups a specific status. Since TechCrunch Disrupt was launched, over 500 companies has taken part in the competition, including global brands such as Yammer, and Dropbox, and they have raised more than $5.7 billion in funding collectively. The list of companies fighting for this status includes the producer of intelligent connected car vision system Caruma Technologies, the startup making persona robots Emotech / Olly, the service that lets upload energy bills and get savings and insights EnergyElephant, the