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Philosophy in the Street: Morocco’s youth fighting to reclaim public space

Philosophy in the Street: Morocco’s youth fighting to reclaim public space

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As Ed Miliband and the Labour Party try to entice young voters with reduced tuition fees, Morocco’s youth are battling for more than the price of their education.    Huddled together under a covered sidewalk on a rainy winter’s day in Rabat, Morocco’s Capital, the youth have come together to discuss social and philosophical issues in public. Impassioned voices cry out over the crowd of young Moroccan men and women, in a seamless mixture of French and Darija (Moroccan Arabic). You might think a congregation of students like this wouldn’t warrant a second glance. But in Morocco, gatherings like these are bold political statements against a paranoid regime. “The police said if we come back we will be beaten.” Nabil Belkabir, 23, explains: “Critical Thinking is not good

Out and about in Morocco: six street food favourites

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Cheaper than a train ticket to Glasgow (and about half the time, too), flying to Morocco from London has a lot more going for it than value for money.  Reporter: Nader Kaddour Sub editor: Hayley Daen While couscous and clay tagines dominate popular imagery of Moroccan foods, the street vendors found in every market and medina throughout the country are serving up treats that are cheap, delicious, and in need of a little recognition. A word of advice for the traveller in Morocco: Moroccans only eat couscous on Fridays, and tagines should take a few hours to prepare. While many restaurants try to cater to tourists' expectations for these dishes, read on to find out what the locals are eating and enjoying every day, at prices unheard of in the UK. And like all street food outlets

Marrakech: Cheap and Chic

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With the bank holiday imminent, don't let it sneak up on you without planning in advance. If you're aiming for a quick, cheap getaway, look no further than Marrakech. You'll be in for a Middle Eastern treat. By Hayley Daen. Sub Editor Danae Diz   Certain cities have a particular draw to artistic, creative types looking for inspiration and a place to decompress. When the beatniks sought refuge from the constraints of Western society, they fled to Tangiers, ready to live a life of anonymous indulgence amidst the heat and spice of the city. Today, it seems that Marrakech is the place to be. With flights from London Gatwick starting at just £32 one-way on EasyJet, a quick weekend visit needn't break the bank. The city is awash in a heady mix of dust and saffron. It is a ha