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Women arrested for terrorism increased in 2015

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The number of women arrested for terrorism related crimes arose in 2015 compared to 2014, a government's official statistics says. The survey, released by the Home Office on Thursday, reveals that 44 women were arrested in 2015, showing an increase of 15 compared with previous year. 40 of them were alleged to have links with international terrorist organizations operating mainly in the Middle East. Despite the overall number of arrests by the Metropolitan Police decreased in 2015 in Great Britain (280 arrests, a decrease of 9 compared with 2014), the number of women involved in terrorism related offences is in sharp growth since 9/11. The statistics also refers a new trend: there has been an increase of people aged over 30 involved in those crimes. Youngsters aged 18-20 have ...

UK: Increase in Islamophobia

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 The rise in Islamophobic hate crimes has been compared to the 1930's antisemitism.    A recent survey published by the Metropolitan Police reveals an increase in racial, religious and Islamophobic hate crimes in London. Figures show that Islamophobic crimes have increased by 41.8% in a year. According to Islamic societies factors that stimulated such hate crimes are the Syrian refugee crisis, UK airstrikes and Paris bombings, which took place 13th November 2015.                   Organisations such as Stand Up To Racism, tell MAMA (measuring anti-Muslim attacks) and The Refugee Welcome Board have stressed their concerns on the hate crime, which is spreading across the country. Zabi Dalu, Stan