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Figure of Children self-harming increases dramatically

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19,000 children were taken in to hospital after harming themselves in the last year, reports the childrens’ charity NSPCC. Which is in an increase in 14% over the past three years. Childline, a service provided by the NSPCC, says self-harming is found to be one of the frequent issues why they are contacted. Teenagers between 13-17 are the most likely to end up at a hospital due to overdosing on pills, burning themselves or even cutting their bodies. Through a day about 50 children are given counselling on self-harm, during the previous year the helpline had dealt with more than 18,00 calls regarding the same issue. President of Childline Dame Esther Rantzen says: “Self-harming is at epidemic level among young people”. She said many a time young people felt remorseful and fearful to a