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The silent addiction to painkillers

The silent addiction to painkillers

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Shane D'Souza, a software engineer, has been treating himself with painkillers for 6 years. When he tries to avoid gulping two codeine containing pain killers frequently at work, the withdrawal symptoms consist of this unbearable pain. Ultimately he has no choice, but, to surrender to his addiction. From migraines to arthritis there is a pill available for every condition today, but, with a heavy price to pay. More and more people in the UK are becoming victims of an unseen addiction, The addiction to painkillers. While painkillers provide relief for acute conditions, a wide group of people misuse are dependent on them for long term, chronic pain relief. Opioid painkillers, such as those containing codeine, are known to initiate a dependency in the long run. According to Neal Patel ...

Depression: when doctors become the patient

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Doctors rate higher levels of depression and suicide than other professions - so why do those who work with mental illness on a daily basis find it so hard to recognise the symptoms in themselves? Reporter: Brendan Westhoff Sub editors: Ed Lauder, Kait Borsay Stress levels and the mental health of doctors over the past few decades, has increased, according to recent studies. A 2013 study in Australia, by mental health programme, Beyond Blue, surveyed more than 14,000 doctors and medical students. It showed doctors reported higher rate of depression and suicide compared to other professions and the general population. Online medical resource, Medscape, states that doctors are twice as likely to kill themselves than the general population. Are these statistics really a surpri