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Review: Deadpool

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108 minutes of pure unadulterated violence, sexual montages and fourth wall destroying monologues. Yes, this is Deadpool and he is Marvel’s new antihero... Screencap from Deadpool. Credit: Fox Movies Marvel's Deadpool is not your average superhero film nor does it conform to the norms of general filmmaking. From the offset it strives to remind you of this with the inclusion of unconventional credits stating that it is written by 'the real heroes here' and is directed by 'an overpaid tool'. And the slow motion action underlaying this launches you straight into the promised unadulterated violence which certainly starts the film with impact. #Deadpool is *not* a movie to take your kids to, unless your kids are 21 and 17 like mine are. We enjoyed it. :D — Rick Riordan (@camphalfblood

Deadpool to be rated 15 in the UK

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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Photo credit: 20th Century Fox.  Marvel's new film Deadpool is to be rated 15 in the UK for "strong bloody violence, strong language and sexual references" states the British Board of Film Classification. Ryan Reynolds is set to star as Deadpool in the new unconventional comic book film hitting UK screens on 10th February. The film, which according to the BBFC offers strong violence and language, is the first Marvel cinema adaption to gain an age rating of 15. Marvel's previous films such as The Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America have generally been rated around the 12, 12A mark. It seems that 20th Century Fox and Marvel are stepping away from the child friendly super-hero film style with this new film. In comparison, as The Independent states th