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Is the human touch needed to put an end to online dating fails?

Is the human touch needed to put an end to online dating fails?

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Finding a life partner has long been a subject of concern especially after hitting your late 20’s. If you were of South Asian origin, grandmothers played cupid and had a major role in hand picking your future partner. Matchmaking in today’s world isn' just limited to the Asian household, it has come to be a well-known phenomenon globally. In London, particularly, matchmaking has turned into this million-dollar industry where professionals in their 30’s spend thousands of pounds in a quest to find the perfect match. 68% of people in the UK admit to have used online dating sites, but what is the probability that a computer algorithm will be successful in finding you the right match? Data found in 2014, shows the success rate of the different dating sites. With an overload of dating we

Valentine’s Day: The dreaded D-day

Valentine's Day is a holiday we all love to hate and for the single people out there, this day is usually the dreaded D-day. For all the singles out there, Westminster world has you covered this weekend. There are a plethora of events going on in London that you can partake in without feeling smothered by couples in love everywhere on this day Nowadays, though, Valentine's Day is a chance for the singles to relish in being happily alone. Known as the Singles Awareness Day, people everywhere can find ways to celebrate this holiday by engaging in 'non-valentine' related plans and hanging out with fellow single friends. 1. Alternative V-day This is an event exclusively for the women out there looking to feel empowered in their single livelihood. Hosted at the Moth Club in Hackne