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Librería: The throwback bookshop with a modern twist

“Is there any Wi-Fi here?” “No ma’am, unfortunately we have no Wi-Fi here. Also, can I kindly ask you to put away your phone as we have a no phone policy here”, the cashier says calmly as she pointed at a ‘No Phones Please’ sign placed on the table next to her. Lack of Internet access in shops is not something new to me; but not being allowed to use my phone was a first, especially in a commercial place of business like this one. Librería bookshop is making drastic changes to get customers to appreciate bookshops for what they are - actual bookshops. Not places to check in on foursquare, not places with the perfect lighting for an Instagram selfie, and definitely not a place to snap about on Snapchat. The small, yet mighty space is where one can get away from the outside world and