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Sadiq Khan rues London food poverty as ‘source of shame’

Sadiq Khan rues London food poverty as ‘source of shame’

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London mayor Sadiq Khan rued the capital’s food bank crisis as a “source of shame” on Thursday, 12th October during his latest Question Time at City Hall. Khan, responding to a question from Florence Eshalomi, Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark, highlighted that more Londoners are being referred to food banks as a direct result of government policy changes. “It shows that not just the current leader of the Tory party but the future leaders also are out of touch,” Khan took a swipe at Prime Minister Theresa May. “I think what’s clear to me is it should be a source of shame for one of the richest cities in the world to have friends, neighbours, and family members who’ve got to rely upon the charity of family and friends or a food bank.” Khan cited data from poverty charity Truss

Mayor says PM to blame for stress on food banks

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Theresa May and the Tory government are to blame for increased stress on London’s food banks, said Mayor Sadiq Khan during his question period on Thursday. Khan, quoting the latest statistics from the Trussell Trust, told the assembly that the disastrous rollout of the Tory’s Universal Credit policy has directly resulted in a massive increase in food bank referrals. “It shows that, not just the current leader of the Tory party, but their future leaders also, are out of touch,” said Khan. Assembly Member Florence Eshalomi reinforced the Mayor’s statements, adding that her constituency of Lambeth and Southwark had seen a 33 per cent increase in food bank referrals from April to July of this year, with 94 per cent of those referrals coming as a direct result of benefit changes. Es