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“Ghostbusters is racist,” fans claim

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Fans of the world-acclaimed movie allege that the new version is racist. Thirty years after the much-loved original franchise took the world by storm, the sequel made its long-awaited reboot with an all female cast. When the film's trailer debuted this Thursday, fans who watched the two-minute video quickly took to social media to share their disappointments. They claimed the movie is “racist” because it “lacks diversity”. Why does the Ghostbusters' token character always have to be black? That's racist! #Ghostbusters — PCobbs (@pcobbsthoughts) March 5, 2016 Is it me or based on trailer the Ghostbuster film looks kinda racist. Three white scientists and Lisa Jones is the street girl I'll pass — Mark Harris (@1555FILMWORKS) March 4, 2016 Also I think it's bad &am