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Mayor says PM to blame for stress on food banks

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Theresa May and the Tory government are to blame for increased stress on London’s food banks, said Mayor Sadiq Khan during his question period on Thursday. Khan, quoting the latest statistics from the Trussell Trust, told the assembly that the disastrous rollout of the Tory’s Universal Credit policy has directly resulted in a massive increase in food bank referrals. “It shows that, not just the current leader of the Tory party, but their future leaders also, are out of touch,” said Khan. Assembly Member Florence Eshalomi reinforced the Mayor’s statements, adding that her constituency of Lambeth and Southwark had seen a 33 per cent increase in food bank referrals from April to July of this year, with 94 per cent of those referrals coming as a direct result of benefit changes. Es
How can the Left regain support after the Brexit vote?

How can the Left regain support after the Brexit vote?

Outside the Supreme Court in London this week, two groups stood opposed: the Brexiters and the Remain camp. They were positioned on opposite sides of the court entrance, and supposedly, on opposite sides of the political spectrum. “Brexit is racist,” claimed one group. The other chanted: “The people have spoken.” Although they disagree on issues such as sovereignty, these groups have more in common than they acknowledge. Still there are wide social schisms across the country. In such circumstances, how will Labour regain support? Fifty two per cent of voters wanted to Leave the EU and 48 per cent voted Remain. The divide over Brexit doesn’t bode well for the electoral prospects of any political party. The Secretary of the Labour Party constituency of Chippenham, Andy Newman is well

Labour MP Jess Phillips’s interview about the Labour Party

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“I would knife Jeremy Corbyn in the front” Labour MP Jess Phillips to the Guardian columnist Owen Wilson in an interview. This sentence is in all media this Monday. If the Birmingham MP criticized the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, it is not the only point of her interview.   The Birmingham MP was indeed asked about her opinion on her party and its leader and answered honestly that she did not believe Labour could success in general elections were to happen now. When asked if she would change leader she answers “I would do anything that I felt was going to make the Labour Party to win the next elections”. She is still very clear about the fact that she would support him and do her best to make him electable.   As a Birmingham MP, she considers people in her district are c