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Do we still need International Women’s Day?

Do we still need International Women’s Day?

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Women have come a long way since the Suffragette Movement in the early 1900s. Is a day dedicated to female empowerment still necessary in the 21st century? Next week marks the 108th International Women’s Day, where women and men around the world will celebrate female empowerment. This year, along with International Women’s Day events such as all-female business panels, talks, and even a London based Women’s run, a Women’s Day Off strike is planned. Yet, some critics claim that a day honouring women has become obsolete. Have women’s rights come far enough to erase the need for marches and events? A history The first International Women’s Day took place at the turn of the century, during a time when females had fewer employment options and were denied the right to vote. Disenfranchised
Gender imparity: Fewer women are seen in broadcasting jobs

Gender imparity: Fewer women are seen in broadcasting jobs

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Despite the fact we all can quickly recall a scene of Louise Minchin reporting while sitting on the BBC Breakfast sofa, women are insufficiently present on TV. Gender imparity is widely seen in the broadcast media industry, as one out of every four experts shown on British programmes is female, reported a research group from the school of Broadcasting at City University London. The UK does not lack outstanding women, but not enough females were being invited into the studio to make their voice known to the public. Broadcasting serves as an important public channel and greatly affects the conception of the society. A lack of women representation on TV resulted in fewer public female role models and also a lower recognition of women’s achievements across the country. Imbalanced ge

International Women’s Day: Five powerful women to watch in 2016

March is clearly the month for celebration, with Mother's day rising to the occasion on March 6th and International Women's Day following closely on March 8th. Women in power today are setting an example to the world, showing and telling other women that there is nothing they cannot do. 1. Hillary Clinton Hillary Rodham Clinton is a woman who knows what she wants. The wife of former US president, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton went from being first lady to Senator, to putting in her first presidential bid back in 2008. She did not make it into the White House as the leader of the free world but managed to snag the spot of Secretary of State. Patiently waiting her turn, come April 2015 and Mrs Clinton gave it another go. Her slogan - 'Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to ...

London’s female graffiti artists take to the streets

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Celebrating International Women's Day with a weekend of female-powered creativity, Femme Fierce, the UK's largest female street art and graffiti festival returned to the Banksy Tunnel beneath Waterloo station. Reporter: Jipsa George Sub-editor: Di Bai Both male and female artists from all around London gathered at the infamous tunnel at Leake Street to showcase different types of art forms. According to Catfight magazine: "Graffiti, guerrilla art and urban activism still convey a stereotypically tough male image, but they are beginning to have other faces." But that did not stop the female graffiti artists to take it to the streets to make a statement. The event saw over 150 street artists spray paint and stencil large scale murals on the walls of the tunnel. Founder and editor
Not enough women candidates coming through in sports broadcasting, says ITV’s Mark Demuth

Not enough women candidates coming through in sports broadcasting, says ITV’s Mark Demuth

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In a week of celebrations for International Women's Day, Mark Demuth, controller of ITV Sport, Production, said that the number of women candidates applying for positions in sports broadcasting should be higher. Reporter: Jaideep Vaidya @jaideepjourno Sub editor: Kait Borsay It is a long-running argument recently reignited by a parliamentary committee report that highlighted the dearth of women in news broadcasting. Demuth said that men outnumbered women in ITV's production team by around four to one. "We need to encourage women to come through," he told Westminster World in an exclusive chat. "Are we not seeing enough [female] candidates? Possibly." Currently enjoying his second tenure at ITV's London Studios, Demuth has worked across radio and television, most notably for th
The world of female firefighters: Burning gender bias

The world of female firefighters: Burning gender bias

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How easy is it to be a female firefighter in the UK, or how difficult? Reporter Indraja Gugle explores the world of female firefighters on International Women’s Day     Sub-editor: Hussein Abdel Fattah   The sight of a smoked up kitchen or sparks around an electric gadget is enough to send us to panic-ville. But there are women out there fighting raging fires several feet high. It is not a task for the faint-hearted. Traditionally a male-dominated field, the UK is seeing a rise in the number of female firefighters. At 1.7% in 2002, the number has reached to 4.3% in 2012. However, in addition to risking their lives regularly, women in this field face various challenges, simply because they are women. Lucy Masoud, who holds a degree in politics and has done her Masters

Tech City celebrates the progress of women on International Women’s Day

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The achievements of women in technology and the arts have been highlighted as part of an event celebrating International Women's Day.  By Deeksha Sharma Sub Editor Sohini Sinha Tech City celebrated women-hood on International Women's Day.  The event was an a platform for women in technology and arts to exhibit their innovations.Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino,Becky Stewart and Ana Bradley started this event aside of their career in 2013. The event held at the Digital Catapult Centre, Euston Road, was organised by these three women, with 19 women exhibitors and attended by both women and men. It was organised to raise money for Solace Women's Aid, a charity that helps women affected by domestic violence. In 2013, when they started, hundreds of people signed on a wall to muster suppor