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The unfiltered world of ‘fake’ Instagram accounts

The unfiltered world of ‘fake’ Instagram accounts

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“The selection process is mostly your close friends or anyone who you trust to see not-so-nice photos of yourself.” Emily* is an 18-year-old girl who loves Facebook and Instagram. She’s been on social media for most of her teen years, and enjoys scrolling Instagram for funny videos and photos her friends post.  Emily is acting as my guide to one trend on the photo-sharing app which is previously unchartered territory for me: Finstagrams. ‘Finstagram’ explained A ‘Finstagram’, or fake Instagram for the uninitiated, is a private Instagram account run alongside with the user’s public account. The difference between the two is that the ‘Finsta’ is a much more liberated space where posting is more frequent and less filtered. Emily explains: “a few of my friends do to kind of spam wi

London is the most talk-about travel destination on Twitter

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London has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, but now it exceeds rivals such as New York and Paris on social media. The words "London" and "travel" were tweeted together more than 630,000 times in 2015, which is 200,000 more than the next most popular cities, Paris, New York, Rome and Tokyo, according to London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional company. The twitter data also shows the word "London" on its own was tweeted more than 81 million times in 2015, which is more than Sydney, Tokyo and Rome combined. Some of the top words used in association with London include, "art", "travel" and "fashion." Commenting on the data, Rod Favaron, CEO of Spredfast for London & Partners said: “Social data is always a valuab

New fitness app targets your fatty food pictures on Instagram

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Christmas is a time of indulgence. So is it really necessary to have our Instagram food pictures highjacked by a fitness app? Health and fitness company Nomnom have been targeting Instagram users posting pictures of unhealthy food on their feeds. Cycling blogger Jools Walker, whose 87 week old post of a portion of chips was commented on by Nomnom's Instagram account, london.fitness.app, said: "Is this the new way for fitness apps to get you to join them? By shaming you on your Instagram pictures of food? "It's an incredibly insensitive strategy, if you can call it that, to try and get people to 'join your revolution' by commenting on photos like that - if your intention is to make people feel atrocious for eating ." Nomnom has distanced themselves from the strategy, saying...