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Home Office removal of European rough sleepers challenged

Home Office removal of European rough sleepers challenged

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The Home Office threatening to remove thousands of European homeless people has been questioned in the High Court. The judicial review of the Home Office policy enabling the removal of European homeless people who are living on the street will start tomorrow, November 21. In London alone, at least 95 rough sleepers have been removed in the last year and a half, according to a Freedom of Information request by NELMA and Housing Action South London. However, the number is likely to be higher, as most boroughs said they did not hold this information. The policy means Immigration Compliance and Enforcement (ICE) teams can arrest, detain and remove homeless EU nationals from the UK for sleeping rough. The guidance was issued in May 2016, stating that rough sleeping was an 'abuse'  (l
After Calais: Tracing the paths of the Jungle’s refugees

After Calais: Tracing the paths of the Jungle’s refugees

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“The 'Jungle' smelled of freshly baked bread and CS gas. I could not breathe and went down. An Afghan who was running in the same direction grabbed me and supported me to the back garden where there was a bit of air”, says Chiara Lauvergnac, one of the activists in Paris from London. In the final days of the Calais Jungle demolition, over 10,000 refugees were ordered to relocate in one week by riot police squads armed with flashballs, gas grenades, rubber bullets, automatic rifles, water cannons, armoured vehicles, truncheons and gas spray bottles. “Usually the camp got gassed towards the end of the day - you could climb the hill to try escape the gas clouds and watch the sunset from there, with gas grenades falling all around,” she continued. After the destruction of the camp, she says
Yarl’s Wood: The fight to shut down UK’s nightmare detention centre

Yarl’s Wood: The fight to shut down UK’s nightmare detention centre

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“We are helpless, we are broken, please let us out! We want to go to our children” The screams from inside Yarl’s Wood detention centre are followed by silence, before shouts of “Shame! Shame on you Serco!” ring out in a deafening roar from 2,000 protesters. A fence separates the protesters from the 410 female inmates held inside the privately run immigration centre in Bedfordshire, one of 13 in the UK. As the drums and chants of “Shut down Yarl’s Wood” resume, a lonely strip of black cloth waves from inside the centre in solidarity: the only visible sign of life from the where women refugees and asylum seekers held there indefinitely. Set up in 2001, the Yarl’s Wood detention centre, run by Serco, describes itself as ‘a fully contained residential centre housing adult women and adult f

Recent terror- attack report not supported by the public

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The numbers of terror attacks have gone up in the UK according to the Home Office quarterly bulletin. This is because the arrest of female suspects have double. The report shows around 315 people were arrested on terror-related offences this year compare to 235 in the previous year. This number was raised due to the arrest of female’s suspects doubling from 21 arrests in the year ending September 2014 to 50 arrests in the year ending September 2015. The increase came after Theresa May, the home secretary, announced that an attack is ‘highly likely’, after official threat levels from the Security Service MI5 changed from substantial to severe in August last year. It explained that the “majority of the increase in the number of women getting arrested has been linked to international-re

Stalkers: BEWARE ! You’re being watched.

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Photo credit - Flickr Image via- In an attempt to curb stalking, a new court order will be introduced by the Home Office in England and Wales.   To address the surge of ‘Stranger Stalking’, the Home Office has planned to introduce a new court order. This kind of stalking is a situation where in the victim is stalked by an acquaintance or by a person whom they have never met.   Why is it being introduced? Due to rise of social media, stalking has become much easier, as the stalker can get information about their object of obsession. There was no legal definition of stalking. After two specific criminal offences were introduced by the Crown Prosecution Service on 25th November, 2012, there was some clarity on this.