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For greener pastures in London. Literally.

For greener pastures in London. Literally.

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Sub-zero temperatures at 10am on a Saturday morning — far from a good excuse to put on your tough boots, roll up your sleeves and head out to plant trees.   Which is why it came as a welcome surprise when several enthusiastic groups of volunteers gathered at Southall’s King George’s Field last weekend for a tree-planting exercise. Organised by Ealing Council in partnership with NGO Trees For Cities and Unilever, the aim was to plant 10,000 new saplings in a single day. The event was part of Mayor Boris Johnson’s larger efforts to make London a greener place by planting 40,000 new trees across the city. His iTree urban forest survey shows that London has 8 million trees that are worth a whopping £6.1 billion to the economy and contribute £130 million in wider benefits. These

Obesity now a serious health concern

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Obesity should be a national priority as it will be the biggest challenge for women’s health in the future, emphasises England’s medical chief officer, Dame Sally Davies in the annual health report. Photo credit : Flickr The report aims to empower women and their families to lead healthier lives. It is the first ever report that addresses women’s health and has 17 recommendations to tackle this issue. According to Davies "Women’s health can no longer be side-lined, as this is a national risk," What are the health risks ? If a woman remains obese, it will shorten her lifespan, cause miscarriages during pregnancy or her children might grow up with health problems, warned Davies. This is also the case for Merila Gerard, who became obese after her first pregnancy had many compl

New fitness app targets your fatty food pictures on Instagram

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Christmas is a time of indulgence. So is it really necessary to have our Instagram food pictures highjacked by a fitness app? Health and fitness company Nomnom have been targeting Instagram users posting pictures of unhealthy food on their feeds. Cycling blogger Jools Walker, whose 87 week old post of a portion of chips was commented on by Nomnom's Instagram account,, said: "Is this the new way for fitness apps to get you to join them? By shaming you on your Instagram pictures of food? "It's an incredibly insensitive strategy, if you can call it that, to try and get people to 'join your revolution' by commenting on photos like that - if your intention is to make people feel atrocious for eating ." Nomnom has distanced themselves from the strategy, saying...
Londoners invited to run Uganda marathon

Londoners invited to run Uganda marathon

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Londoners are being invited to take part in what has been dubbed 'a race like no other' to support local communities in Uganda. Cynthia Gregoire meets the organisers Nick Kershaw and Henry Blanchard. Sub editor: Indraja Gugle  Nick Kershaw and Henry Blanchard have come together since 2013 to bring the Uganda Marathon, which takes place in May, into fruition.  The group is working together to improve lives in the Masaka region of Uganda, and they are making it the cultural trip of a lifetime. The trip includes the opportunity to run a half, full or relay marathon attached to a week-long stay in Uganda where participants may choose to join in and help with local projects while staying with host families. The Uganda Marathon project continues to grow and gain support in just tw