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Teenager forced to apologise for being gay

Teenager forced to apologise for being gay

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Police are searching for two London youths after a teenager was physically and verbally attacked on the Jubilee Line in East London. British Transport Police (BTP) claim a 19-year-old male was placed into a headlock and continuously strangled until he eventually surrendered into doing what they told him. He was left gasping for air and struggling to breathe. The incident occurred while the victim and his friends were heading westbound on the Jubilee Line train between West Ham and North Greenwich on 21 October at around 11:10am. A man was abused, placed in a headlock and told to apologise for being gay in a homophobic assault on a Jubilee line train. Do you recognise these people? We'd like to speak to them in connection with the incident. Please text 61016 if you know them. htt...

Hate crime surges in the UK

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Residents in the UK have been experiencing a rise of hate crimes according to Office of National Statistics. Hate crimes and incidents rose 15 per cent from 2013 to 2015. Photo credit: Flickr   Overall, there were 52,528 hate crimes recorded in the UK from 2014 to 2015.  Hate crime involves verbal abuse or hate speech, violence against a person, public order offences, criminal damage and arson. The most common among these crimes are public order offences and violence against the person states the Office of National Statistics. The most recent case of hate crime reported, was of three teenage boys who were attacked by a group of youths, in Derry, Northern Ireland on Friday 11th December. The youngest among the attackers is 13-years-old reports the Derry Journal. Who are

UK: Increase in Islamophobia

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 The rise in Islamophobic hate crimes has been compared to the 1930's antisemitism.    A recent survey published by the Metropolitan Police reveals an increase in racial, religious and Islamophobic hate crimes in London. Figures show that Islamophobic crimes have increased by 41.8% in a year. According to Islamic societies factors that stimulated such hate crimes are the Syrian refugee crisis, UK airstrikes and Paris bombings, which took place 13th November 2015.                   Organisations such as Stand Up To Racism, tell MAMA (measuring anti-Muslim attacks) and The Refugee Welcome Board have stressed their concerns on the hate crime, which is spreading across the country. Zabi Dalu, Stan
Rise of Islamophobia attacks on Muslim women in London

Rise of Islamophobia attacks on Muslim women in London

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Hate crimes against Muslim women in London have intensified in the wake of the Paris attacks. Speaking at Muslim Women’s Safety and Hate Crime meeting (2 Dec) at the Andover Community Centre, women from Finsbury Park and Islington voiced their fear that they are being targeted “more than ever” with racial and hate crime. The meeting was convened following the attempted arson attack at Finsbury Park Mosque, treated by police as a hate crime, on Friday at 8.30pm on 27 November and prevented only because it was raining. At the weekend, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn  spoke at an anti-Islamophobia rally outside Finsbury Park mosque.  Corbyn said racist attackers targeting Muslims will not succeed in dividing the community. He