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Mainstream Vegan: UK’s economy becomes greener

Mainstream Vegan: UK’s economy becomes greener

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It's official. UK lactose intolerants are cheering and hipsters are more mainstream than ever. Dairy-free milks have been added for the first time ever to the inflation basket. The results published by the Office for National Statistics included soya and almond milk to a list which the main purpose is to serve as a reference of the actual consumer trends. The Office and several analysts point out that this may have happened due to the recent growth of "free-from" diets such as Veganism. A new wave of millennials addicted to new trends and worried about their health have pushed these products up to the top of the list. Every day we see in supermarkets how new meat-free, gluten-free or dairy-free options appear on the shelves, on most occasions, at a high value. This can be explained as a
Ride and Shine: UberEATS is handling out free breakfast in London

Ride and Shine: UberEATS is handling out free breakfast in London

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UberEATS has announced the launch of its breakfast service with a mouth-watering offer: free croissants. The ride sharing app’s latest deal will start this Tuesday (31 Jan.) and Uber has said anyone who opens the UberEATS app between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. on that morning will be able to order a box of 4 croissants from bakery PAUL for free. As part of the launch, the new service attempts to compete with other on-demand food delivery services such as Deliveroo. UberEats will also provide food outlets via its app for other shops including Coco di Mama, Tossed, Leon and Bagel Factory. UberEats delivery person on Regent Street said: “there will be a lot of orders”   Shops getting their hopes up With increasing abilities and potentials to reach out to consumer
New 25p budget EasyFoodstore opens in North London

New 25p budget EasyFoodstore opens in North London

The latest easyJet trial project, easyFoodstore, opened in north London today, selling everything from mixed vegetables to mini shortbread for 25p per item. There are 76 food products on sale at the budget food shop in Park Royal, meaning a customer could theoretically buy one of everything on offer for £19. EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou said he hoped easyFoodstore would rival discount stores Aldi and Lidl. The store motto is ‘No expensive brands, just food honestly priced’. EasyFoodstore posted a full list of all 76 food products on Twitter: Special Introductory Offer for February 2016 ALL ITEMS AT 25p EACH! — (@easyFoodstore) February 1, 2016   A closer look inside easyFoodstore

New fitness app targets your fatty food pictures on Instagram

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Christmas is a time of indulgence. So is it really necessary to have our Instagram food pictures highjacked by a fitness app? Health and fitness company Nomnom have been targeting Instagram users posting pictures of unhealthy food on their feeds. Cycling blogger Jools Walker, whose 87 week old post of a portion of chips was commented on by Nomnom's Instagram account,, said: "Is this the new way for fitness apps to get you to join them? By shaming you on your Instagram pictures of food? "It's an incredibly insensitive strategy, if you can call it that, to try and get people to 'join your revolution' by commenting on photos like that - if your intention is to make people feel atrocious for eating ." Nomnom has distanced themselves from the strategy, saying...

Out and about in Morocco: six street food favourites

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Cheaper than a train ticket to Glasgow (and about half the time, too), flying to Morocco from London has a lot more going for it than value for money.  Reporter: Nader Kaddour Sub editor: Hayley Daen While couscous and clay tagines dominate popular imagery of Moroccan foods, the street vendors found in every market and medina throughout the country are serving up treats that are cheap, delicious, and in need of a little recognition. A word of advice for the traveller in Morocco: Moroccans only eat couscous on Fridays, and tagines should take a few hours to prepare. While many restaurants try to cater to tourists' expectations for these dishes, read on to find out what the locals are eating and enjoying every day, at prices unheard of in the UK. And like all street food outlets