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Islington flooding under control as northbound roads re-open

Islington flooding under control as northbound roads re-open

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London Fire Brigade is working to pump water out of basements and restore normalcy to the area Hundreds of London residents were displaced when a 36-inch water pipe in Islington burst today at 4am, causing severe floods. London Fire Brigade, who has been working with Thames Water for the past 12 hours, and has finally stopped the flow, causing northbound roads in the area to re-open. Islington, one of the wealthiest boroughs in London, was under six feet of water since morning. Residents were carried out by fire fighters and relocated to nearby pub,the Steam Passage Tavern. The property damage from the flooding is estimated to be over millions of pounds, as gallons of water filled basements, rooms, and destroyed gardens and fences. Among those owning property in Islington is the Foreig...

UK Storms: Damage costs reduce as storms become more prevalent

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The UK has suffered many storms in past years but the cost of damage has drastically reduced in the past two years thanks to technological advancement and better preparations carried out. Storm Desmond is currently underway and disrupting most part of the UK with winds, torrential rains and flooding. Reports coming in state that schools, hospitals and travel methods have been disrupted by the storm already. BBC reports that Cumbria has made a new record on the amount of rainfall had in a day. The Storms have become more in number in recent years, Britain has already experienced three in the past month of November alone. Logically that may mean more damage caused, but the costs of general damages has gone down significantly compared with storms in the past decade. As you can te...