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Young people with disabilities struggle to enjoy everyday activities

Young people with disabilities struggle to enjoy everyday activities

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  Young People with disabilities are struggling to enjoy simple services such as dining in a restaurant. On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, charities and organization are trying to raise awareness of the rights of disabled around the world, yet young people with disabilities are more likely to face daily life challenges and are less likely to enjoy many essential services as simple as dining in a restaurant, shopping or traveling. Fleur Perry, 25, said: “I have been refused service in a restaurant, patronized by till staff, and asked to email ahead by a cinema, I feel there is more to be done to make sure disabled people are included by the leisure industry." She also added: “I face a lot of difficulties to access transport, flying is something I ju

National Theatre celebrates Disabled Access Day after Ministers confirm cuts to disability benefits

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The National Theatre has taken part in Disabled Access Day, a nationwide event that encourages disabled people to visit somewhere they have ever been before. This is the second year for the National Theatre. The National Theatre said of its commitment; “it is designed to make the very best theatre and share it with as many people as possible.” Disabled Access Day, originally celebrated on 27 January but pushed forward this year to 12 March following feedback that January is too cold, came about after Paul Ralph, a powerchair user and Euan’s Guide supporter went to ‘try it out day’ at his local bus company. Paul explained that before this initiative he had not used the bus network in his hometown, as he was unsure how the ramp operated. A number of fellow institutions have j