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What’s to blame for the NHS crisis?

What’s to blame for the NHS crisis?

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People waiting in hospital corridors for hours on end, being sent home in taxis - the NHS is in crisis, but who's to blame? There is little agreement on the cause of the NHS' decline. On the one hand, the Daily Mail promotes the idea that immigrants are to blame. But protesters against cuts to the NHS and Labour politicians such as Clive Lewis, blame the Tories’ policies of austerity. Others, such as the GMB trade union worker, Gavin Davies, agree that immigrants are not to blame, but perceive the NHS crisis as a more nuanced problem. Right-wing news outlets such as The Daily Mail tend to point the finger at immigrants. One of their headlines proclaimed, “Sickly immigrants add 1 billion to NHS bill.” The Telegraph too has joined in the blame game, with stories such as one headlined, “N

Decrease in teenage pregnancy rates could be affected by cuts in contraceptive services

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The Office of National Statistics said rates of teen pregnancy are now at their lowest since 2013. However, this progress could be reversed due to government cuts to the public health budget, research has revealed. A study carried out by Advisory Group Contraception shows that various GPs across the UK are limiting or have stopped providing forms of contraception. The research comes after the announcement in 2015 by the ex chancellor George Osborne, that there would be a £200million cut to public health budget from April of this year until 2021. Registration records showed that in 2016, the birth rate among older women was higher than younger mothers. But reducing this type of services could alter this figure as teenagers today are more likely to avoid unplanned pregnancies thanks t

National Theatre celebrates Disabled Access Day after Ministers confirm cuts to disability benefits

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The National Theatre has taken part in Disabled Access Day, a nationwide event that encourages disabled people to visit somewhere they have ever been before. This is the second year for the National Theatre. The National Theatre said of its commitment; “it is designed to make the very best theatre and share it with as many people as possible.” Disabled Access Day, originally celebrated on 27 January but pushed forward this year to 12 March following feedback that January is too cold, came about after Paul Ralph, a powerchair user and Euan’s Guide supporter went to ‘try it out day’ at his local bus company. Paul explained that before this initiative he had not used the bus network in his hometown, as he was unsure how the ramp operated. A number of fellow institutions have j

A lean Christmas this year as Brent Council cuts costs

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The leaders of Brent Council will tonight propose cutting children’s social workers as part of a bid to save an additional £18.8m over the next three years. The cuts will be part of a wide range of measures launched at a 14th December meeting at Brent Civic Centre. These will include: cutting one in five jobs in the 'Community Services' department, charging residents more for waste removal and setting up pay-as-you-go WiFi hotspots on lamp-posts and rooftops. These £18.8m savings are in addition to a previously agreed package of £28.3m savings. This means over the next three years, the council will make cost-saving measures worth £47.1m. Cllr. Mohammed Butt, the Labour leader of Brent Council, said: "The proposals we're publishing today try to squeeze the very last penny o