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Post-budget analysis: UK’s two biggest parties at odds

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Britain's two largest political parties are moving ever further away, when it comes to economic policy. Last week's budget, delivered by Chancellor George Osborne, reflected a continuing Conservative gameplan of public spending cuts until well into the next Parliament. However, over in the Labour Party, following the election of Jeremy Corbyn MP as leader, austerity has never been more unpalatable. George Osborne stood at the dispatch box last week, delivering a budget with forecasts provided by the independent Office for Budget Responsibility, (OBR). They augur badly for his plans for deficit reduction. In the run-up to the budget, David Blanchflower, former member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee told Westminster World that he expected the forecasts to repre...
6000 people rallied against Trident. Corbyn: “We are the majority.”

6000 people rallied against Trident. Corbyn: “We are the majority.”

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Thousands of people gathered and rallied to oppose the renewal of Trident in Central London on Saturday. More than 6000 demonstrators, according to both the Met Police and the organisers, took the streets to join the Stop Trident National Demo. People came from all over the UK, with many buses arriving from Scotland. The protest was led by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Stop the War Coalition and other groups supporting refugees, NHS, social housing and climate change. The march started from Marble Arch at 1 pm and ended in Trafalgar Square. Numerous front rank politicians joined the rally, among which Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, Leanne Wood, the leader of the Welsh party Plaid Cymru, Caroline Lucas, a Green Party's MP and the MPs against the Trid...

Corbyn challenges PM over housing crisis

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn challenged David Cameron over the London housing crisis at Prime Ministers questions today. Corbyn asked a range of questions on subjects such as affordability, home building and living standers.  For example he asked: “When is the Prime Minister going to realise there is a housing crisis in this country?” Corbyn told Cameron that he had received an email from Rosie, a Londoner in her twenties, who said: “I work incredibly hard, but I still have to live at home with my parents, the lack of housing options mean I might have to leave the country.” Cameron replied: “We [The Government] want to do everything we can do, we introduced the right to buy, we introduced the right to buy ISA, increased tax cuts and if Rosie isn’t earning that much money then sha