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The Chinese influx in the UK

Chinese new year also known as the lunar new year, is a huge celebration all over the world. Celebratory events in London are the second biggest after China of course, and here in Trafalgar square, the party was only beginning. There are over 120,000 Chinese people in London alone and it looks like half of that number was represented last Sunday thanks to the large crowd already pouring out of the barricades put up by security at the square. It is February 14th, a day to most people known as Valentine’s day but to the Chinese people here in London, it was a day to celebrate the year of the monkey. Red paraphernalia is strewn across all the stalls surrounding the square and vendors selling miniature Chinese dancing lions can be spotted a mile away in their bright red fleece jackets and

COP21: Can China change?

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Woman wears a face mask, surrounded by pollution in Beijing, China. Credit: Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon. After the COP21 agreement, China have been told they need to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions. The Chinese climate change envoy at the summit expressed disagreement with the deal. But as China accounts for 28% of global emissions according to IPCC, huge changes are now "legally required". An Energy Policy report from 2007 states that  "In the future the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions in China is expected to increase further, due to the projected lasting economic growth and increase in energy demand and household consumption." An export-led economy such as China has held for many years increases a demand for multiple factories producing harmful pollution. A shift

Reducing smog: Chinese documentary on London becomes hit

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A documentary looking at air pollution has notched up some 100m views on Chinese portals. It looks at London’s ‘Great Smog’ of 1952. Reporter: Di Bai  Chai Jing, a former Chinese state television reporter, released online Under the Dome. She published this documentary addressing a live audience in a style similar to a TED talk. As part of the documentary, Chai took field trips to London, and visited Battersea Power Station—a decommissioned coal-fired power station located on South West London. She also summarized what the British government had done after the Great Smog to solve the air pollution. The Great Smog was a severe air-pollution event that affected London during December 1952. Visibility was reduced to a few yard making driving difficult or impossible. “It’s like you w

The West Meets the East: London Celebrates The Chinese New Year in Style

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Soho's Chinese New Year celebrations were alive and full of colour as they welcomed in 2015: 'The Year of the Sheep' Reporters: Jipsa George  @jipsarosey and Li Ying Sub-Editor: Cristiana Ferrauti Thousands of people joined the celebrations in London to welcome the start of a New Year for the Chinese community. The parade started in Trafalgar Square, where handcrafted floats led a procession to Shaftesbury Avenue, followed by dance, music and acrobatics to entertain the crowd. The event is known to be one of the biggest celebrations outside of Asia, bringing many people together despite their cultural differences. Jipsa George reports: The Year of the Sheep The Sheep - also referred to as the Ram or the Goat - is the eighth sign of the twelve year cycle of
London and China celebrate more than just a cultural interest

London and China celebrate more than just a cultural interest

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London proudly hosts the biggest Chinese New Year's parade outside China. With a community of 120,000 people, the Chinese have become one of the largest minorities in the capital. Join them celebrating their culture. Reporter: Cristiana Ferrauti @Cristiana16492 Sub-editor: Jipsa George Londoners will join the Chinese community this February to celebrate Chinese New Year on a large and colourful scale. On Sunday, 22. February, dragon and lion dances, and a parade will happen in Chinatown and around Trafalgar Square from 10am on to welcome "The Year of the Goat". The feast in the British capital is known as the biggest outside Asia. Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration in China. Fireworks, parades and stage shows along with many other