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London mum comes up with tracker vests that could save children’s lives

London mum comes up with tracker vests that could save children’s lives

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Children’s lives could potentially be saved in the busy streets of London through the safety vests and jackets of Sasha Pinnock. Pinnock, 29 and a businesswoman, came up with the idea of safety vests after a serious scare earlier this year when her daughter, 8, was on a school trip and close to Westminster Bridge as a man mowed down pedestrians in a terrorist attack. The single mum had no idea where her child was or whether she was safe, until the teacher confirmed it. In an effort to give parents like herself peace of mind when their children went on field trips, Pinnock developed a patented design of safety vests that were reflective, water-proof, and most crucial of all, housed a GPS tracker placed inside a pocket. Connected to an app available on Android and iOS, the tracker would
Hamleys annual Christmas Toy Parade

Hamleys annual Christmas Toy Parade

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The countdown to Christmas is in full swing as the world's largest Hamleys toy parade took place on Sunday 19th November 2017 in Regent Street. The Christmas Toy Parade attracted over 800,000 Londoners and even tourists that have come from around the world to enjoy and even take part in this annual parade. Why is this event so important? Hamleys is the oldest and largest toy shop in the world selling more than 50,000 toys in the flagship store. By 1837 Hamleys was a London landmark and the toy store moved to its current site on Regent Street in 1881. Regent Street was transformed into a festive wonderland as it featured a marching cast of over 300 children's characters including Scooby Doo, Buddy the Elf, Sonic the Hedgehog and Peppa Pig. There were entertainers da...

Britain’s first three-person DNA raises religious and ethical concerns

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  Doctors await a consent from the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to produce Britain’s first baby with a three-person DNA. The treatment is known as mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT). It is aimed for the women who have the risk of passing on fatal genetic disorders to their children. Although this treatment may seem to be the key to for producing healthy babies, not people of all faith a question remains whether people of all faiths are willing to participate in this treatment. Jahangeer Khan, is an Islamic scholar from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community says “Actually only two parent children can be ever allowed in Islam, for inheritance reasons. Not to speak of potential health risks which haven’t yet been assessed”. He explains that “using genetic ma
UK to ban ‘unsuitable’ porn to protect children

UK to ban ‘unsuitable’ porn to protect children

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The government is attempting to pass a Digital Economy Bill that would ban certain 'non-conventional' porn websites in the UK.  The new media regulating bill is making an appearance in the House of Lords for its second hearing today. The bill is intended to shelter the children from  improper images/videos and is already becoming a controversial topic within free speech campaigners across the country. What does the bill entail for the online porn consumption by the people? Is online censorship and surveillance going to help protect children? The Digital Economy Bill acts a new law that aims to simply ban any kind of ‘non-conventional’ porn websites. This includes sexual acts of violence, face-sitting, urinating and incest related porn. The government announced that non-compliant sites

Toy retailers bow to public pressure and go gender neutral

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Fourteen major UK retailers have dropped signs indicating ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ toys in the last three years, according to a report that will be released on Thursday. Toys R Us and Tescos are just two of the 14 retail companies that have dropped gender specific signage, as according to a report that will be released by organisation Let Toys be Toys, a non for profit organisation which fights against gender specific toys for children. Jo Jowers, volunteer spokesperson from Let Toys be Toys told Westminster World: “We want kids to play with everything. We are not demanding for all toys to be gender neutral, we want toys to not be marketed on a gender specific basis.” Since its establishment in 2012 the organisation has gained huge support from parents and celebrities alike. “I’m g