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Brexit: Cameron “battling for Britain” at Brussels against European leaders

The Brexit issue will be the main topic of discussion at a two-day summit taking place in Brussels this Thursday and Friday.     The President of the European Council Donald Tusk called this a “make or break summit”. Indeed the EU and the UK must now find an agreement on David Cameron’s claims before he sets up a date for a national referendum about a leave from the UK (possibly on June 23 according to the Financial Times).   The Prime Minister already obtained compromises from the EU as Donald Tusk proposed an emergency possibility of supressing social aids to non-UK European workers for four years if needed. Indeed it goes against the essential principles of the EU to build equality between all European citizens. David Cameron asked for a permanent suppres
EU Referendum: Boris Johnson says ‘No deal’

EU Referendum: Boris Johnson says ‘No deal’

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David Cameron seeks the support of Boris Johnson on the EU deal one day before the Brussels summit. The Mayor of London visited Prime Minister  at 10 Downing Street today for final discussions before tomorrow’s Brussels Summit. Mr Cameron who phone-called European leaders on a final round before tomorrow, wants to gain Johnsons' support in his EU campaign. ‘I’ll be back. No deal as far as I know’ he replied while leaving number 10 and asked whether the deal was good enough. According to BBC’s report, Mr Johnsons' decision on whether to back remaining or leaving the EU is "very finely balanced". What is the Brussels Summit? Tomorrow Heads of state and Government of the European Union will be meeting in Brussels. The summit will be dealing with two main challenges: