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‘Cheers for that. Now get out!’ Brixton traders told.

They have survived riots and drug dealing on their doorsteps, but it will be a redevelopment plan by Lambeth Council and landlord Network Rail that will seal the fate of many shop owners in Brixton. Alex Leonards visits Atlantic Road to speak to angry traders. Sub editor: Aimee Ren A & C Co. Continental Grocers has served Brixton for 25 years. In six months time the owners will have to abandon the shop that has seen them through Brixton's best and worst of times. “It’s really gutting,” says Bella, who has been at the grocers since the very beginning. “We were here when no one else would step foot in Brixton. We’ve been through it all: riots, drug dealers lined up every 10 yards,” she says. “And now that it’s all nice, it’s like ‘Oh, cheers for that. Now get out’.” These days wal