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Labour wins again in Brent despite national failure

Labour wins again in Brent despite national failure

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Labour MP candidates Barry Gardiner and Dawn Butler kept their seats in Brent again in the UK's general election in 2019, although the Labour Party faced a landslide failure nation-wide. Gardiner, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, has been the MP for Brent North for 22 years. He won 26,911 votes this year, a significant drop compared with 35,496 votes two years ago.  Barry Gardiner, by Bowen Jiang Butler witnessed her vote share drop from 10 percent to 63 percent compared with what she achieved in 2017. She has served Brent Central for four years and is now Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary. Dawn Butler giving a speech after her victory in Brent Central, by Bowen Jiang Des...

A lean Christmas this year as Brent Council cuts costs

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The leaders of Brent Council will tonight propose cutting children’s social workers as part of a bid to save an additional £18.8m over the next three years. The cuts will be part of a wide range of measures launched at a 14th December meeting at Brent Civic Centre. These will include: cutting one in five jobs in the 'Community Services' department, charging residents more for waste removal and setting up pay-as-you-go WiFi hotspots on lamp-posts and rooftops. These £18.8m savings are in addition to a previously agreed package of £28.3m savings. This means over the next three years, the council will make cost-saving measures worth £47.1m. Cllr. Mohammed Butt, the Labour leader of Brent Council, said: "The proposals we're publishing today try to squeeze the very last penny o