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Lost music and film history- Where has the memorabilia gone?

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    Silently sitting in Mariah Carey’s penthouse, Marilyn Monroe’s white piano is locked away from the world. Sold at a private Christies auction in 1999, it is unclear If the public will ever be able to view it again. Private auctions of personal collections including that of Marilyn Monroe’s and more recently Audrey Hepburn’s raise an important question, Is the sale of personal memorabilia threatening the loss of music and film history forever? Auction houses are cashing in, generating profits boasting far higher than their estimates as private buyers attempt to invest and own a part of history. Christie's recent auction of Audrey Hepburn’s personal collection saw her Burberry trench coat circa 1980’s sold for £68,500. A far cry from the £9000 it was estimated a