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Apps provide solution to gender gap in the workplace

Apps provide solution to gender gap in the workplace

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We’ve all heard about the gender divide in the workplace, ‘the glass ceiling’ and the fact there are not enough women in the boardroom. But it’s time to move the conversation forward and provide solutions in a digital sphere where both men and women can participate. There are countless self-help articles and books on how to ‘disconnect from the internet’, cope with email anxiety and successfully create an online presence. Clearly there is a disjointment here, where the question is to consume, or to be eventually consumed by the digital sphere. “Data shows that digital not only changed how we shop, how we commercially engage with each other, how we interact, it’s fundamentally changing the world that we work in,” says Kathleen Mitchell, Vice President of fashion retail brand, Stel

New travel app will make commuting easier

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Commuting will no longer be a hassle for Londoners. The inventors of the Oyster card are trying to make an app which will wake up commuters when there are delays in their travel. Photo : Google images Cubic Transport Systems, a leading company in intelligent service applications, plans to launch a new app for commuters. When there are delays on their regular commuting routes, an alarm will go off to notify the commuter.The app will furnish details of the delay and suggest various alternative routes of transport. This app contains data about the underground and overground trains, roads, bikes and pedestrians. If there are severe delays in the tube, the app will provide information about the next available bus or bicycle for the commuter to reach the destination. All the commuter ...