Sunday, February 28News For London

Storm Desmond Impedes to travel from East to West & West to East of North England.

A car sits under water in Kendal, which was badly hit by Storm Desmond. IMAGE: MICHAEL SCOTT/DEMOTIX/CORBIS:
A car sits under water in Kendal, which was badly hit by Storm Desmond.

Storm Desmond is causing closures on Highways M69 from New Castle to Carlisle and NO train access to Carlisle.

The storm brought high rainfall causing 2,500 flooded properties and left 2,500 properties without power.

Desmond is also causing record- breaking flooding in the Northern England, southern Scotland and north Wales.

However, Cumbria is the most affected county by the storm.


 The AA president, Edmund King explained in Daily Record that most of the roads are very hard to access due to the submersion. In some areas of Cumbria they are asking to members to call back once the flood-water has subsided.

Neil Stero press office advisor of national Highways said: “the main roads affected in the week-end were M69 and M66, but the M 62 is now open again.”

“The problem is not travelling, for example, from London to Cumbria, but actually from East to West and vice-versa. Highways M69 from New Castle to Carlisle is closed.” Mr Stero added.

But he also confirmed that the M69 is the only main issue and it will be kept closed until tomorrow.

Rainfalls are expected for tonight evening, therefore, travellers are advised to keep checking the national highways website for updates.

Train Services

Trains services between England and Scotland are not running between Preston and Scotland and passengers are advised not to travel.

Martin Frobisher, Network Rail’s route managing director, said: “The unprecedented amount of rainfall and high winds have taken a significant toll on the railway, and we are working round the clock to keep as much of the network open as possible and repair the damage that has been caused.”

“North of Carlisle station, we have to wait for eight feet of water to recede before we can carry out extensive safety checks and repairs – including rebuilding a host of complex electrical and signalling equipment which is currently underwater.” Mr Frobisher added.

The national rail announced that passengers with Northern Rail tickets dated Saturday 5, Sunday 6, or Monday 7 December will be valid until Friday 14 December. Whereas, passengers with First TransPennine Express tickets dated with same days they are valid until 11 December.