Monday, January 18News For London

Storm Caroline creates chaos throughout London’s transport systems

Storm Caroline has created very icy conditions for transport systems throughout London. [Photo by Flickr user David Holt]
Storm Caroline has wreaked havoc over London as hundreds of flights have been cancelled, leaving thousands of passengers stranded in the city’s airports. It’s also been responsible for numerous tube and school closures from Sunday to Monday.

Dozens of flights from Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick and Luton airport were cancelled yesterday evening as a result of the heavy rain and snowfall London received on Sunday, and more flights are still being delayed, diverted and cancelled today.

British Airways has so far cancelled almost 100 flights to and from Heathrow.

At Stansted, 24 Ryanair departures and arrivals have  been cancelled and more are to be expected. Ten flights have been cancelled by easyJet, and other airlines have also been affected.

On top of flight closures and delays, TfL experienced major issues due to Sunday’s weather. Numerous train lines were suspended, forcing passengers to take alternate routes that took double the amount of time to get to their destinations.

Mark Wild, the managing director for the London Underground sent out an email to registered Oyster card members Sunday evening, stating: “We have been working hard to maintain services today as a result of the poor weather conditions. We will continue to work throughout the night to prepare for tomorrow morning, however there may be some delays and cancellation”.

Numerous primary and secondary schools throughout London and West Midlands have been cancelled for the day due to the continuing harsh weather conditions.

Residents are discussing their frustrations via Twitter.

The weather is said to calm down from Tuesday to Wednesday, according to BBC Weather.