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Social Media wary of NHS Tinder partnership

The NHS’s partnership with Tinder aimed at raising awareness about organ donations has caused mixed reaction on social media.

Photo Credit: Chris Messina,
Photo Credit: Chris Messina,

Tinder is a dating app generally used to find a match– users swipe on the profile of people they like the look of hoping for a reply. Over the next two weeks users swiping on some celebrities’ profiles will be reminded of the importance of becoming organ donors.

The campaign is appealing to young Tinder users between 18-35, and aims to inform them about the almost 7000 patients waiting for an organ transplant. More than 6000 people have died in Britain over the past decade because of a lack of organ donors.

Sally Johnson, Director of NHS Blood and Transplant said: “Educating and encouraging people to sign up for organ donation – that’s what our partnership with Tinder is all about.”

The NHS’s collaboration with the popular dating app is certainly a move aimed at grabbing people’s attention but the scheme is proving to be controversial among social media users.

Tinder user Francesca said: “The NHS and Tinder shouldn’t be pulled together. The NHS cares about people’s health, while Tinder represents the exact opposite, prompting people to have one night stands and therefore putting them at risk of contracting sexual diseases.”

Reaction on Twitter included:


The reactions are mixed and social media users seem a meet baffled by the unlikely partnership.