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Social media stampede following blunder for Best Picture at Oscars

Fans flocked to social media this morning, after Moonlight was awarded the Best Picture award at the Oscars. Moonlight beat the frontrunner La La Land, to become the first film with an all black cast to win the prize.

Social media explodes after Moonlight mixup at the Oscars [Image credit: Asian News Channel, via Facebook]
Online reaction has been mostly positive. One tweet read: “Moonlight is the first LGBTQ+ winner for Best Picture and the first film to win it with an all black cast. THIS IS JUSTICE.”

The film’s director, Barry Jenkins tweeted: “To hell with dreams. I’m done with it. This is true.”

The win was particularly shocking, as the wrong film was initially called up to stage by Warren Beatty. The La La Land cast was then sent back to their seats to allow Moonlight their moment in the spotlight.

The error  embarrassed statistician Nate Silver, who had previously claimed that the Oscar ceremonies are largely predictable. Mr Silver is known for successfully predicting 49 out of 50 states in the 2008 US election. However, he openly admitted his mistake about the Academy Awards on Twitter.

 The CEO of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) tweeted that the win sent a strong message to the film industry. She wrote: “It needs to embrace inclusive stories if it wants to remain competitive and relevant.”

Some politically minded fans wishfully tweeted that a similar error could have been made to the US election results. One tweet read: “so maybe Trump didn’t win the election?”

La La Land fans have found comfort from the six other Academy Awards which it won including Best Actress for Emma Stone, Best Director for Damien Chazelle, Best Original Music Score, Best Original Song, Best Cinematography for Linus Sandgren and Best Production Design.

The full list of award winners is shown below.

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