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Skydeck the new first class seats

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Windspeed Technology announced its new in-flight entertainment called Skydeck. Credit: Windspeed Technology website.

With the announcement of Skydeck, the new in-flight entertainment product for the super rich passengers triggered interest within the aviation industry.

The Windspeed Technologies LCC has been offering 20 years of engineering services in the aviation industry and now has offered a new entertainment product.

The administrator and inventor of Skydeck, Shakil Hussain, during the National Business Aviation Association event, in Las Vegas, explained why the idea for this new entertainment product: “this new idea has been thought to defeat the boredom on long haul flights.”

How it works?

  • Its name is Skydeck and it can be installed on private jets, but also on commercial aircrafts.
  • The passenger, comfortably seated inside a glass cupola placed above the fuselage of the aircraft, will be given an extraordinary view from the external airplane.
  • It will be possible to rich the two seats by either a stairs, or a lift.
  • The passenger can rotate the seats to observe the view from all the angles

With this extraordinary aviation news passengers started commenting on Twitter.

Karl (@wiseKarl) tweeted: “This is actually crazy – I’d love to sit in this seat on a plane.”

Michael Davis (@michaeldavis777) also added: “I am buying a ticket… skydeck for flight with 360-degree views.”

But also a pilot and another member of the aviation industry took the chance to comment.

“It sounds like a very new cool entertainment in-flight product. Imagine having breakfast while watching the sunrise. I really hope that British Airways will place in our aircrafts” Says Julie Levy, British Airways Captain of Boing 767.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 15.11.31The Operation Executives at Easyjet, Alice Ferrari, commented on this new project too: “this would be a fantastic marketing opportunities and I am sure passengers will pay a lot of money to have the opportunity to have that experience.”

Also Aberdeen Airport took the occasion to ask to its passengers on twitter: “Is this the ultimate window seat? Would you sit in it for 360 degree views when flying?”