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Sexual harassment survey in the art sector

A survey into sexual harassment claims within the art sector is being conducted by ArtsProfessional, the UK’s leading arts management magazine.

Early findings of the survey have been released. Several questions are now being raised as to how organisations in the art sector are handling claims.

At present, the majority of respondents (70%) have reported being sexually harassed with the perpetrator being in a senior position.

The survey came into action after the publication of a “Code of Behaviour”.

The code was developed at the royal court theatre in London following a day of action.

The day consisted of 150 sexual harassment claims being read aloud including 11 accounts of rape. The document lists 6 suggested codes of behaviour for individuals in the industry to follow.

It was established in efforts to provoke cultural change and prevent further sexual harassment in the arts sector.

Since the revelations, the old Victoria theatre has set up an email helpline appointing external advisors to assist with any issues raised.

The Actors union Equity has also launched an investigation in efforts to find practical solutions to combat sexual harassment.

Lachlan Parry, playwright, and director welcomes the code, adding:”if everyone acknowledges the rules and stands up for them, by calling others out as well, it has the power to really change the industry.”

ArtsProfessional are urging anyone in the industry to take part in the survey before it closes on Wednesday the 15th of November.



Subedit: Mishelle Thurai