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Senior judges prepare to decide on Brexit

Parliament will still be heavily involved in the Brexit process through the Great Repeal Bill, which will decide what laws to transfer from EU legislation made since 1972 into domestic law before Britain leaves the EU, says Lord Carnwath.

The UK’s 11 most senior judges began a four-day hearing today in the Supreme Court to decide whether the Prime Minister Theresa May has the power to start Brexit negotiations without MPs’ vote.

The hearing has been brought to the Supreme Court by Gina Miller, who’s an investment manager and philanthropist, the lead claimant against Theresa May’s Brexit plans to trigger Article 50 by the end of March, changing the rights of British citizens.

The hearing is being broadcast live, but the decision won’t be known until January next year.

The mixture of emotions is on the rise. The Prime Minister is “confident” about the appeal case at the Supreme Court. A spokeswoman for Theresa May said, “While others … make clear that they want to frustrate the will of the British people by slowing down the process of leaving and trying to tie the government’s hand in a negotiation, the government is getting on with respecting what the British people decided. Most people want certainty … We are seeking to provide certainty where we can by saying; one – we will trigger Article 50 by the end of March; two, (being) very clear – there will be no going back.”

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Labour party MP, Shami Chakrabarti, has said before  “[Brexit] This is about process. It is not about outcomes” , “There are a lot questions to be decided about what happens next- how we live after Brexit, what our relationship will be with the remaining states of the EU.”

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MPs’ in favour of Brexit have been pressuring the Government to speed up leaving the EU. Mr. David Davis, Brexit secretary said before in a committee in the House of Commons that Brexit is going ahead and he is pretty sure they will pass the test at the High Court.



If ministers lose the appeal they will have a number of options, but a 16-word bill is being prepared asking for MPs’ and peers’ permission to trigger Article 50 in time to meet the deadline promised by Theresa May in March.

On the Supreme Court Website, the senior judges said “we are aware of the public interest in this case and the strong feelings associated with the wider political questions of the UK’s departure from the EU, which we stress are not the subject of this appeal”.

Moreover, the historic event is being covered by 80 journalists from the world and 115 members of the public are being allowed to watch the proceedings.

The hearing started Today at 11:00 GMT and will conclude this Thursday.