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Ride and Shine: UberEATS is handling out free breakfast in London

UberEATS has announced the launch of its breakfast service with a mouth-watering offer: free croissants.

The ride sharing app’s latest deal will start this Tuesday (31 Jan.) and Uber has said anyone who opens the UberEATS app between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. on that morning will be able to order a box of 4 croissants from bakery PAUL for free.

As part of the launch, the new service attempts to compete with other on-demand food delivery services such as Deliveroo.

UberEats will also provide food outlets via its app for other shops including Coco di Mama, Tossed, Leon and Bagel Factory.

UberEats delivery person on Regent Street said: “there will be a lot of orders”


Shops getting their hopes up

With increasing abilities and potentials to reach out to consumers and sell their menus more, shops are hopeful that via UberEATS’ new launch they will gain more customers online and increase their sale rates.

French bakery and patisserie PAUL on Regent Street believes that with the free-croissants deal, PAUL is expecting more digital consumers and lesser crowd cramping in the shop.

Coco di Mama is another chain bakery that is included in the new UberEAT’s breakfast deal, a staff named Laima believes “this is Coco di Mama’s first online output” and they expect more customers to order breakfast such as porridge, poached eggs, breakfast rolls and croissants.


What are consumers’ thoughts?

Even though we are told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” not everyone is so keen on having it, let alone ordering and having to wait for a delivery.

A customer in Regent Street said: “it seems like a lot of effort”

However, with the free-croissant deal being attractive, one customer said: “obviously, it is more convenient if you are close by [Central London],”


Riding Challenge: UberEATS vs. Deliveroo

The new breakfast launch is not just to attract more customers but also to attack a competitor’s at its weak spot.

Another on-demand food delivery like Deliveroo, even though receives similar popularity, does not provide its service until 11 a.m. leaving a hungry gap for consumers — as well as an advantage gap for UberEats.

Deliveroo delivery person said: “If Uber are getting with their croissants, they might take the customers,”


Are (free) croissants healthy?

While the free-croissant deal might seem attractive to some foodies, a health expert is suggesting otherwise.

Francis Poku, a personal fitness trainer at the University of Westminster, said the deal is attractive for “those who are lazy”, but on the health side “croissants are not really the healthy way to start the day”