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Relief for Gatwick locals: review published to reduce aircraft noise

Gatwick Airport credit: Google Earth
Gatwick Airport Credit: Google Earth










The Independent Review released plan for Gatwick Airport to reduce noise that impacts on people who live under the flight-path.

The review summarises the four months consultation and technical exercises managed by Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake to identify key actions that could be done to lessen the impact of noise on Gatwick locals, according to Gatwick’s press release.

Some of the recommendations could be operational within twelve months, which include:

  • Reducing aircrafts holding over land.
  • Modification of the Airbus A320 aircrafts to reduce the noise they produce during the approach phase of flight.
  • To establish ‘noise management board’ to oversee strategies to deal around the airport.
  • The development of a new comprehensive online complaint management system.

Bo Redeborn, Director of Air Traffic Management (ATM) said: “The review team has been struck by the positive and constructive inputs to the study by all those involved, and it is our strong hope and belief that this report will provide a basis on which all concerned can move forward in that spirit to deliver a significantly better situation for the residents living close to the airport’s flight paths.”

These dramatic steps mean that people in Surrey, Sussex and Kent will reach ‘noise breaks’.

Gatwick Airport’s aim is to try to proceed with the Independent Review recommendations in the shortest and practicable time.

In fact, Gatwick Airport CEO Stewart Wingate said: “Over the next few weeks we’ll be analysing the conclusions of the Review together with our aviation partners so as to arrive at an action plan that will, I hope, allow for the implementation of as many of the recommendations as possible in as short a time as can be practically managed.”