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Polish Britain (Podcast)

Michael Krajewski is a Polish engineer who runs Steelo, a company that hires 29 people, 80 percent of them are Polish. Source: http://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/

Did you know that Polish is the third language spoken in the UK, right after English and Welsh? Almost one million Poles live here. Nevertheless, after the Brexit referendum, the growing rhetoric anti-immigrant affected people that came from Poland. Expressions of xenophobia against this community have created tension, and 76,000 Poles fleed the country last year. How do they feel about this?

To know about this we talked to the Polish-British young engineer Michael  Krajewski, CEO of Steelo, a company that produces steel solutions. He thinks Brexit provides an opportunity for growth, but he is worried about the uncertainty because there is not a clear outcome to the current situation.

Marcin Zikowski is a construction worker. He believes Brexit was a bad decision because Britain is stronger with the European Union.

We also visited the most important event of the Polish business community in the UK called PB Link. They made a poll which confirmed the growing worries because of Brexit.

Polish Business Link is an organization that tries to create links between the Polish and British businessmen and women.

Polish community contribute to the economy, work, and pay taxes, they are a major workforce in this country, but they might feel unwelcomed. What is the future of the Polish community in the context of Brexit? To know more about it, listen to this podcast.