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Corbyn challenges PM over housing crisis

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn challenged David Cameron over the London housing crisis at Prime Ministers questions today.

Corbyn asked a range of questions on subjects such as affordability, home building and living standers.  For example he asked: “When is the Prime Minister going to realise there is a housing crisis in this country?”

Corbyn told Cameron that he had received an email from Rosie, a Londoner in her twenties, who said: “I work incredibly hard, but I still have to live at home with my parents, the lack of housing options mean I might have to leave the country.”

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Cameron replied: “We [The Government] want to do everything we can do, we introduced the right to buy, we introduced the right to buy ISA, increased tax cuts and if Rosie isn’t earning that much money then shared ownership might be an option.”

Corbyn responded: “Can he [The Prime Minister] assure his warm words are backed up by real actions? Home ownership has fallen by 200,000 under this government.”

The Prime Minister hit back saying: “We have pledged 400,000 affordable homes at the cost of £8bn, when will Labour learn that every penny you spend on housing benefit, is a penny you can’t spend on building homes?”

Corbyn pointed out that the Conservatives voted against a law that would require private rented homes to meet certain standards.

The housing charity Shelter argues that there are 11 million people in the private rented sector, of which 3 in in 10 are not meeting the standards of homes fit for habitation and 6 in 10 have issues with problems such as mould and damp.

Finally, Corbyn also challenged Cameron over the building of council homes. He claimed that only one home is built for every eight sold. Cameron said that government policy was to “build two homes for every council house sold.”