Monday, April 19News For London

Pizza hut apologises after promotion divides opinion.

Pizza hut have been forced to apologise after running a promotion in conjunction with The Sun. The brand has been faced with a barrage of criticism from consumers threating to boycott. Two weeks earlier Paperchase was criticised after running a similar promotion with the daily mail.

Stop Funding Hate, a group who try to persuade advertisers to pull their support for publications like the daily mail and The Sun is now involved.Releasing a statement on twitter after the apology.

While Customers have taken to twitter to express their feelings saying that Pizza Hut was now “finished” in Liverpool, where the sun is boycotted already. Other users are confused as to why an apology was issued at all. “I don’t read the sun but you will offend many more by apologising to a small minority who are trying to be censor free speech.”

Howard Jones, a Conservative councillor in Surrey has spoken out urging Pizza Hut in the wake of their apology to “Please find some backbone.”

The sun has refused to comment. However, have confirmed that the promotion will still go ahead.