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Pirelli Features All Black Cast in Ground Breaking Calendar

Pirelli sent shockwaves throughout the fashion industry featuring an all black cast consisting of artists, models, entrepreneurs and creative industry figures in the 2018 calendar.

Last week Pirelli released their anticipated calendar featuring the Alice in Wonderland themed magical images from Tim Walker changing the idea of what society thinks of Alice in Wonderland. Photo Credit via Instagram @edward_enninful

The calendar has become a pop culture phenomenon and each year the images are seen around the world the moment they are released.

Renowned photographer Tim Walker brings the world of Lewis Caroll to life by creating a larger than life version of Alice in Wonderland. Walker brought his dreamlike and eccentric vision which can be seen through out the calendar.

Tim Walker and Duckie Thot photo credit via Instagram @Pirelli

The all star cast has stolen the spotlight with the likes of P. Diddy and  Naomi Campbell as the Royal Beheaders, Lupita Nyong’o, Whoopi Goldberg, RuPaul and Djimon Honsou playing the Queen and King of hearts, up and coming model Adwoa Aboah and model Duckie Thot as Alice herself.

Lupita Nyong’o via Instagram @Pirelli

The Pirelli calendar marks a huge turning point in an industry that has often been criticized for lack of inclusivity and representation, especially for people of color.

In 25 years, the former editor in chief of British Vogue featured only 2 black models as cover stars.

When asked about the calendar, model Adwoa Aboah stated “It is inclusive, as a community, Tim has portrayed us as kings and queens. He has celebrated our own personalities, but also given us characters to portray “.

This calendar is a celebration of diversity meant to portray black excellence.

Rupaul and Djimon Honsou via Instagram @Pirelli

The calendar was styled by the newly appointed Edward Enninful, the first black editor in chief of Vogue UK.

Outside the Vogue office in London, we spoke to a young Londoner who stated ” I have been a lifelong Vogue reader and have a monthly subscription. I love the new direction they are taking and I think Edward will be the perfect person to shake things up.”

The appointment of Enninful is a testament that the fashion industry is taking a step in the right direction when it comes to race.

New Vogue via Instagram @EdwardEnningul

In regards to the calendar, Enninful stated “To see a black Alice today means children of all races can embrace the idea of diversity from a young age and also acknowledge that beauty comes in all colors.”

Rupaul, Duckie Thot and Edward Enninful

Campbell stated “ The message is so big and the timing could not be more perfect. It is an amazing time. It is a new time. I feel it will remain this way. “

Naomi Campbell and Sean Combs (P Diddy) via @diddy Instagram

In the age of #blacklivesmatter and #blackisbeautiful leading brands and publications are realising how important it is to represent an image that is inclusive of all of all skin tones and races.

This can be seen with the recent expansion of beauty and makeup brands making a point to include products that can cater to everyone.


This week Fenty Beauty by Rihanna won Forbes invention of the year. The make up line features 40 shades of skin tones. Duckie Thot who plays Alice in the Pirelli calendar was one of the models featured in the Fenty campaign.

Fenty has been breaking barriers in its own right by being one of the most inclusive beauty brands to come out.

Westminster reports spoke to beauticians at Harvey Nichols about Fenty beauty and how the beauty and fashion industry is finally becoming more inclusive.

Jane Manesi stated ” Since the first day Fenty Beauty was released there have been wait times of up to two hours. For the first time I have seen women of all backgrounds, ages and ethnicity rally around one brand. Fenty has been able to accommodate women on both ends of the spectrum and that is truly beautiful to see.

The Pirelli calendar and the new era of Vogue with Edward Enninful have set out a revolution in the fashion and beauty industry.